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Never get out of the car, Vanscapes by Alison Turner

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At age 7,
you gave away lunchbox to the school bullies
because you know that bruises would be more
painful than giving away your favorite meal. And
one day, you received a hit in the head, pain,
and you learned how it feels like to get hurt.

At age 16
you gave answers from your exams, and pages


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Letters for my body parts.

Dear Eyes, Sorry for making you cry. Sorry for the things you saw. Sorry for the painful moments that is visible to you. Sorry for some nights that I cannot let you close and rest. Sorry for over-using you during midnights.

Dear Mouth, Sorry for letting you smile when it is not really what you want to do. Sorry for making you say things which are not true. Sorry for using you to make other people see that I’m okay. Sorry for shutting you up when in times that I need to say something but I can’t.

Dear Heart, Sorry for being broken. Sorry for loving someone who is not worth it. Sorry for the damage that I’ve done. Sorry for not taking care of you. Sorry for all the pain. Sorry for the lost. Sorry for being miserable.

Dear Mind, Sorry for being so stupid. Sorry for being so careless. Sorry because I don’t listen to you. Thank you for the warnings and things to remember. You were right. I wished I listened to you.

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I’m not very good with words,

but I just love you so, so much.

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Maroon 5's singles + favorite lyrics [insp.]

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"Baby, let’s skate together."


If you are willing to hold someone’s hand, make sure it’s forever.


Ed Sheeran ❤️

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